Life Group


Sunday To Sunday


• Highs & Lows: What’s a “high” and a “low” you had this week?
• Who do I need to be praying for this week?
• Follow up on any prayer requests from the previous week.

The Scriptures:

• What stands out to you as we read these verses?
• In your own words, what is the overall message of this passage?
• Which verse would you say is a “key verse” to this passage? Why?


• If Pastor Nick was here, what question would you ask him about the sermon?
• What stood out to you in the message?
• Was there anything new you’ve never heard before? If so, what was it?


• What are some of the benefits of applying these verses to your life?
• What was the biggest challenge for you?
• What has God been teaching/showing you?


• How can we be praying for you?
• How can others be praying for you?
• What’s something you can do to encourage another person this week?